Our mission is to bring ride-hailing services like UBER or Lyft to HRM by July 1, 2019

The terms ridesharing, ride-hailing, transportation network companies, Uber & Lyft are often used interchangeably. The technically proper term for Uber, Lyft, and others is ride hailing, which provides citizens with an alternative to traditional taxis.

Ride hailing companies function through mobile applications that manage ordering, pricing, payment, tipping, route tracking from car assignment to drop-off, and driver and passenger ratings.

Many cities enjoy a mix of public transit, traditional taxis and ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft as transportation options for the public.

Ride Hailing Facts

  • 900+ cities world wide
  • 21 cities in Canada
  • 9 years old
  • Over 5 billion rides provided
  • Dozen of different companies including UBER and LYFT
  • Over 3 million drivers
  • Proven to be cheaper than taxis
  • Proven to be safer than taxis
  • Safer for drivers
  • Holds passengers and drivers accountable through rating system
  • Proven to provide better service than taxis
  • Endorsed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving
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