Our Choice

An overwhelming majority of HRM citizens (88%) want ride hailing


Haligonians used UBER in 2018 in their travels
Feel safer in Uber or Lyft
"Not enough Taxis"
Not pleased with HRM Taxi service levels

It is the job of HRM council to responsibly implement the will of the people

Halifax has been restricted for 9 years by city council’s inability to install the proper regulations to attract companies that would dramatically improve and make safer our transportation options. While more than 900 cities worldwide including 21 in Canada use these companies to lower costs and increase satisfaction, citizens of HRM have been forced to use an antiquated taxi service that leaves people walking home in the cold, unable to get cabs, and in unsafe situations.

Here’s how it works today: Many years ago, the city issued 1,000 taxi medallions , most of which are now owned by just a handful of people. In order to operate a taxi you must own or rent a medallion – no medallion, no driving a taxi. Drivers (most of them) that don’t own a medallion, pay the owner significant monthly fee to use it. This is a drain on the driver’s income and thus their ability to provide quality service and value. It also provides an incentive to turn down less desirable routes (“I don’t go to Dartmouth”) and insist on cash only (“Sorry buddy, the credit card machine is broken”).

In addition, the drivers are often penalized financially when they go to pick up a customer who does not show up. This is a costly and frequent expense for taxi drivers, which is virtually eliminated with the use of ride-hailing that allows drivers to rate passengers who cancel (or behave even worse once in the cab). Drivers should have choices too!

We deserve a choice.

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