• Allows more drivers on the road to meet peak demand, delivers better service to passengers, passengers more confident in the system and willing to use this option more
  • New Year's Eve: Extreme shortage


  • Ordering, tracking your car, knowing the driver name and rating in advance, car details (Eg Red Honda Civic License Plate FHZ111), payment, tipping, rating, automatic receipts
  • Complements public transit (to get to main Metro Transit hub, to have a backup plan if your bus is late/you miss it, etc)
  • App can be programmed to remember preferred addresses for you
  • Eliminates the wasted time at the end of a trip for payment transaction and the need for the driver to maintain a cash float in order to be able to make change.


  • Pressure of the rating system = cleaner cars, reduced sexual harassment, kinder drivers, kinder passengers
  • If you order a car at a certain time, some ride hailing companies even offer an automatic discount if your driver is 5 minutes late


  • Eliminates profiling
  • Eliminates cash only and “I don’t go to Dartmouth” type demands
  • Forcing Haligonians to continue to only use taxis is equivalent to forcing people to use the Yellow Pages instead of the Internet
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